Bene – NewWOW

Strategic re-positioning, development of new products and services, building a culture of innovation, AT

Transformation of a furniture manufacturer from producer of tables and chairs to a provider of new integrated settings for the world of work and learning. Development of a strategic framework for the next 5-7 years, to serve (1) as a roadmap toward new products and services, (2) as an instrument of communication, (3) as an instrument of sales and analysis, and (4) as a tool for strategically re-positioning the whole organization. Building a corporate culture of innovation and training staff. Realization of product prototypes and radically new products emerging from the leap® innovation process, such as PIXEL.

Already over 100,000 pixels sold within 3 years: "Bene has positioned itself as a full-range supplier for innovation and creativity-enhancing work settings alongside classic premium office furniture".

Product awards for PIXEL: An avalanche of prizes for PIXEL


Merck Innovation Center as Enabling Space

Conception and realization of the award-winning center for disruptive innovation to serve the entire Merck Group worldwide, Darmstadt, DE

Merck is one of the worldwide leading technology companies in innovative healthcare, life science, and performance materials. Using the Enabling Space approach, theLivingCore developed a holistic innovation eco-system – the Merck Innovation Center – steering the whole Merck Group into its future. The guiding question was “What is the future role of Merck for society, in the healthcare context, and in technology?”. theLivingCore did not only develop the organizational and cultural change, but also, in cooperation with Henn Architects, translated the innovation concept into actual architecture (temporary & final innovation center). Re-design of the Merck governance structures and of internal processes. Development of a training program involving “Innovation Ambassadors”. Conception and design of a virtual innovation platform.

First results become visible. For example, the patented technology "Combination of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology" was developed in an innovation project within the Merck Innovation Center.

Together with Merck, we won 3rd prize at the XING New Work Award in 2019.

Animation Video

Media coverage (in German):
The intention of the Innovation Center is to transform Merck´s innovation culture
Merck transforms from a chemical and pharma company towards a knowledge and technology enterprise

#novyofis: a new office and organizational re-design for HB Reavis and HubHub

Strategic development, design and realization of an innovation-driven work environment, implementation of a holistic change and communication process, Bratislava (SK)

Point of departure for this project was the client’s need to accommodate for rapid growth and their organizational evolution: This was seen as an opportunity to blend the office move with a strategic re-design of their “organizational operating system”; a combination that should become the key innovation driver for the whole real estate industry for decades to come. Based on the Enabling Spaces® technology, theLivingCore developed HB Reavis’ strategic organizational operating system and further refined it in collaboration with the client. On this basis, theLivingCore designed a space concept and detailed space typologies that were translated into concrete architectural settings in collaboration with Gensler. For two years, theLivingCore has been accompanying the change process that is transforming HB Reavis into the most innovative real estate developer in Europe: HB Reavis is a frontrunner in the field by understanding their business as “building as a service”, by “creating remarkable experiences for their users“, establishing their own co-working offer (HubHub), smart leases, as well as smart services.
​Copyright Photo: HB Reavis

Virtual Enabling Space

Conception and realization of a platform for agile teams cooperating across locations, for a manufacturer of branded products, DE

In today’s knowledge and innovation work, virtual cooperation across locations and even among enterprises has become an important tool. The actual challenge is not so much a matter of technology, but of how to integrate virtual cooperation processes in distributed teams, local and social activities, architectural space, and the other parts of the organization. Our “Enabling Space” approach is the ideal design process to achieve this. theLivingCore designed a virtual platform for a German manufacturer of branded products as a functional prototype enabling this novel way of interacting independently from place and time.

Development of a multifunctional site for the elderly, Future identity for Elisabethinen Wien Mitte

Development of a master plan and new identity for an “integrated site for the elderly”, plus implementation (i) at the Franziskus hospital (II), design of an orientation system (iii) and creation of new offers at the premises of the Saint Elisabeth Order in Wien Mitte (AT)

The Franziskus hospital is adding new departments and thereby expanding medical care in Vienna’s third district. Strategic deliberations gave rise to a wish for novel identity and comprehensive planning that puts future users (elderly people) at the heart of the site, located in central Vienna. theLivingCore has developed a pioneering master plan to transform this 3-hectare site into a lively and unique location, which also stands the test of time in a digital world. Starting with a deep understanding of the needs, fears and aspirations of future users (patients, visitors, staff, elderly people), theLivingCore defined strategic core processes for the site and integrated them into a comprehensive concept and new identity that takes into account the values of the Order of Saint Elisabeth, translating them into a digital world. Identity-shaping was to integrate social and medical processes for the elderly while incorporating innovative hospital approaches, supportive technologies and aspects of pioneering site development. In a second step, theLivingCore supported the client with the organizational and spatial implementation of the acute geriatric unit, palliative unit, nurses’ stations, and the central reception. To round off its comprehensive range of services, theLivingCore designed the orientation and way-finding system for the entire site.

Rhomberg Bau: Rhine Valley – incubator of the future

Transformation of the Lifecycle Tower into an “innovation accelerator” for the region, Dornbirn (AT)

With the Lifecycle Tower in Dornbirn, Rhomberg Bau has created a place that inspires people and their companies to go beyond their fields of specialization; a place that connects them, and invites them to share their knowledge. After the successful initial phase, the client decided to reposition this special location for the future. theLivingCore designed an innovation process that would make it possible to develop a future-proof vision and a prototype in for collaboration with Rhomberg Bau and interested partners (ZumtobelZeiss, etc.). Based on two workshops lasting several days, we devised the foundational design for a hub that will connect the drivers of innovation in the region, to allow interdisciplinary cooperation on projects and topics with relevance for the future. The hub will function as an incubator and support the development of a “Rhine Valley” in the long term.
​Copyright Photo: Rhomberg

Global Online Art Platform

Research and study regarding the potentials of disruptive business models for the art market, London, GB

As each piece of art is physically unique, the art market follows its own rules and mechanisms. As trading of art is increasingly shifting to the Internet, this leads to a radical change in the rules of the market; the sale and purchase of art are dominated by new behavioral patterns, approaches, as well as attitudes. Based on an extensive study and interviews with 55 key stakeholders from the art world, theLivingCore developed principles and scenarios for the technological and social/processual design of an online art platform. The outcomes of the project have decisively contributed to the fact that UK Creative Ideas is now successfully running the first ever top-level domain (.ART) exclusively for the arts and culture.

HOERBIGER IT Innovation Hub – Workplace of the Future

Strategic re-orientation of in-house IT and development toward an innovation hub, Vienna, AT

Strategic re-orientation of in-house IT and development of the department toward an “innovation hub“ that functions as a driver for innovation for the other business units of the Group. Analysis of present and future core processes and core competences. Development of an innovation concept integrating (corporate) strategy, organizational structures and architectural design. The outcome was translated into two specific office designs at two locations. theLivingCore supported the change process with continuous guidance to enhance the innovative capability of the enterprise.

Burda International Poland – Innovation Hive

Re-design of organizational processes (“Digitalization“), spatial layout program and change process for the new office, innovation program and training for executives, Warsaw, PL

The publishing industry is undergoing radical change due to digitalization; the classical business model based on advertising does not longer work. In view of growing competitive pressure from social media and Internet-based services, Burda Poland decided to re-invent itself completely to become a profitable publishing house of the future. With support from theLivingCore, the “operating system” of the organization was profoundly transformed: radical integration of printing, digital publishing and sales, creation of a User/Reader Experience Lab, building an advisory approach to integrated services and business models which closely interlink Burda and its advertising customers, business model innovation and innovation training curricula (HR), plus an innovative office re-design.

A future-driven value creation process for real estate project development

Design and implementation of a value creation process for newly acquired real estate properties for the third-largest real-estate developer in Europe, International

The real estate industry is undergoing a radical transformation. The successful model of recent years – developing real estate projects on the basis of past experience – generates unmanageable risks. The level of complexity and unpredictability in technological disruptions (urban mobility, the role of artificial intelligence, etc.) and socio-technological developments (how will digitalization change our work processes?) has risen considerably. Against this backdrop of rapid change, theLivingCore has devised a value creation process for the third-largest real-estate developer in Europe; the value creation process will allow our client to develop real estate projects “from a future perspective” (future user needs, trends, innovation gaps, etc.). The process aims at identifying future-driven potentials for innovation already during project planning and to make use of them as a core element. It thus enables the client to create properties that meet the needs of future societies and future ways of working. In collaboration with the client, theLivingCore has applied this process to several projects.

Project: Redevelopment of Elizabeth House at Waterloo Station

Tomaselli Gabriel – innovation office B12

Integrated organizational development and planning of a new work environment for Tomaselli Gabriel Bau, Nenzing (AT)

Tomaselli Gabriel Bau is a family business rich in tradition and with the core competence of a general contractor. The aim of this project was to merge two existing company offices and place them in a new location. As well as providing “more space”, the move was supposed to exploit the potential for future-oriented working. Based on interviews and observations, theLivingCore developed future core processes in collaboration with Tomaselli Gabriel Bau (from “production space” to “knowledge space”). The core processes laid the foundation for a future-proof layout for the new office building, as well as operational procedures and principles, and new working routines. The whole project was driven by close collaboration of theLivingCore with the client, the company’s team leaders and architects (rainer+ammann): Involving the team leaders and architects already in the strategic design of the office planning process was considered fundamental to self-directed change management. Thus, theLivingCore laid down the foundation for an efficient and user-oriented development of the client’s new work environment.

" I found it fascinating how theLivingCore managed to help us integrate and activate a completely new culture of innovation in our organization. "

Austria Presse Agentur – Innospace

Training program for APA people leaders and realization of an agile innovation eco-system for the entire APA Group, Vienna, AT

As a news agency and leading information service provider in Austria, the Austrian Press Agency APA was faced with the question of how to tackle the challenges concerning the changes in social media and crowdsourcing proactively in innovative structures, processes and services instead of merely reacting. Cooperating with selected APA staff members, we used the leap® innovation process to develop and implement “InnoSpace”: a cross-functional innovation infrastructure integrating the assets of the APA Group affiliates. Since its implementation, it has brought highly innovative products to the market. 

Zeppelin University – How can a university re-invent itself?

Development of a new campus as an Enabling Space, Friedrichshafen, GER

Development of a new learning environment for the main campus of the Zeppelin University. Identification of the most significant future processes of knowledge creation in an interdisciplinary academic learning environment for the decision-makers of tomorrow. Development of a living knowledge architecture and designs which consider the library as the “heart” of the university: an enabling space for studies, joint project and co-creation work, creative knowledge, research, impulses for new developments, as well as communication between students and teachers. The concept was ranked third in the competition.

Sedlak Immobilien: a new office supports new ways of working

Developing and designing a team-oriented work environment for the sales department of a real estate developer in Vienna (AT)

Sedlak Immobilien is a modern real estate developer with a focus on privately financed, owner-occupied apartments and affordable living. Answering to the company’s own growth and to new customer requirements, the client decided to implement a new office structure: The future office should strengthen customer-centeredness and support innovation work. As a first step, theLivingCore performed an innovation training with the team in order to identify the adequate customer and innovation processes for the company. Together with the employees, theLivingCore then co-created a space program and an occupancy plan so as to better support the company´s strategy of future-oriented and agile working. The team was enabled to autonomously finalize the desired space settings and create communication events for their colleagues, collaborators and customers.

SFERIQ Town – Entrepreneurship meets Society

Conception and design of an urban start-up ecosystem, St. Petersburg, RU

Development of an urban structure (app. 40 hectares) that is characterized by an entrepreneurial atmosphere. It is designed as an “incubator space” for radically new ideas. This space is embedded in a high-quality environment of smart working, living, education and recreation. Analysis of the Russian context, conception of a “creative settlement”. Specifications, urban design, and architectural details were planned in cooperation with the architects from Camenzind Evolution. Development of a strategy underlying the curriculum for the school and academy is in the pipeline. The implementation of the first creative settlement in St. Petersburg is planned as a franchise scheme.

Homepage SFERIQ Town

Creative Settlement "SferiqTown" – Innovation Eco-System from theLivingCore on Vimeo.


Credit Suisse – Smart Working

Concept and realization of an innovative office design for smart working, Zurich, CH

Implementation of a sophisticated office space concept designed to bring the enterprise into the world of new work. Changed patterns of work are translated into organizational change and an unusual innovative architectural design that is based on a holistic concept to optimize flows of communication and knowledge, including team zones, spaces for reflection, areas for temporary projects and prototyping environments, a lounge and a “Business Garden“ for informal meetings.