leap Innovation Technology – Learning from the Future

Enterprises and organizations find themselves in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, faced with tough global competition. In such a context, it is no longer enough to continue optimizing existing products, and even the most creative ideas and solutions are not always sufficient. theLivingCore does not stop at creative problem-solving; rather, we support our clients in finding new niches and tapping into new markets by means of truly future-oriented innovation.

leap® is a tested innovation process enabling organizations to generate viable products, business models, services and innovations systematically within their own organizations, following the strategy of “learning from the future”. Moreover, this process will equip the members of innovation teams with future-oriented skills, techniques and attitudes which they will in turn take to all areas of the organization. They are trained to become independent multipliers of this innovation approach within the organization

leap® is based on the approach of Emergent Innovation® developed by Prof. M. Peschl and T. Fundneider, which was inspired by C. Otto Scharmer’s “Theory U”. This innovation technology has been successfully applied in numerous large and medium-sized enterprises in various industries.

Enabling Spaces – Smart Spaces for Working and Learning

Current cognitive science research has shown that thinking, perception and action do not exclusively happen in our brains. In fact, our environment contributes to furthering our mental processes. This is how spaces can support us as we work with our minds and knowledge, as we use our creativity and engage in processes of innovation.

We design spaces precisely for that purpose, referring to them as Enabling Spaces®. In doing so, we do not restrict space to the architectural dimension, but include and consider the social, cognitive, emotional, cultural, operational and technological spaces of an organization. The important point is not to look at each factor in isolation but to take everything to a higher level by creating a holistic space coherently integrating all these dimensions.

The design process is based on the concept of Enabling Spaces developed by Prof. M. Peschl and T. Fundneider. It has been successfully used worldwide in a wide variety of contexts and industries. Projects realized to date include office and store design, the design of innovation centers and operations buildings as well as entire creative infrastructures and urban spaces.

frame - Leading from the Future

Why are change and innovation so difficult for us? Cognitive science has the answer: Our brain is mainly engaged in predicting the future – based on experiences made in the past. The way we think, perceive and act are heavily driven by the past. This is limiting our capability to think differently and see new things.

To be viable in the future, organizations need to learn how to identify their mental models and break up those which obstruct innovation. Executives who are able to effectively integrate innovation into corporate reality are key to this.

That is why we have developed frame®: people leaders who undergo the frame process acquire skills no future-oriented organization can do without – they become aware of the “glasses” through which they perceive the world. They learn to question assumptions inside their organizations which hinder innovation, and to let them go, as well as to see future potentials. Thus, they develop a new mindset enabling them to confidently lead their organization toward the future.