Create radical innovations by “thinking from the future”

Navigating the uncharted field of new products, services and business models requires a process offering security. leap is a genuine innovation technology providing such a systematic and replicable framework which--despite its structure--nurtures a creative space for the emergence of game-changing innovations.  leap provides strategic tools supporting you to:

  • Identify promising, breakthrough ideas and – based on your core capabilities – translate them into compelling business opportunities
  • Manage innovation projects in an unpredictable and chaotic environment
  • Learn about uncharted markets and create new offers (products, services, business models)
  • Accelerate your innovation process from exploration to exploitation through quick and cheap prototyping and experimentation methods
  • Cultivate a mindset of innovation and entrepreneurship in your organization
  • Qualify individuals of your organisation to bring forth game-changing innovations

Leap forward with your organization by anticipating and creating futures that profoundly make sense in a sovereign manner.


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