An integrated framework for animal innovation

Markus Peschl contributed to an article on animal innovation, demonstrating the evolutionary significance of innovation within the field of animal cognition.

“Innovations are currently considered a broad behavioural category explained proximately by cognitive mechanisms, and explained functionally by their adaptive payoffs in harsh and changing environments. We have attempted to describe the complexity of innovation mechanisms and to build a framework that illustrates the interaction between mechanism, fitness benefit and evolutionary significance, using the information gained through interaction as an intervening variable. In doing so, our framework splits innovation into several separate units (components and phases) that can be investigated experimentally. Decomposing innovations in this way also reveals the complex interaction between environment, behaviour and underlying mechanisms.”

( Tebbich, Griffin, Peschl, and Sterelny 2016, p. 9-10)

Tebbich, S., S.G. Griffin, M.F. Peschl, and K. Sterelny (2016). From mechanisms to function. An integrated framework of animal innovation. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 371(1690), 1–11.

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Image by Noah Silliman at Unsplash