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Loving life and living beings

Contribution to the special edition of die Presse on the subject of “Biophilic Design” – Thomas Fundneider in an interview: The “deeply rooted human need to be in nature” is becoming increasingly easier to realize professionally. Further reading (German)… Image: Maia Habegger at Unsplash

Creativity cannot be automatized

Innovation researcher Markus Peschl talks to “der Standard” about innovations in the logistics industry. When asked whether today’s working environments are suitable for producing radical innovations, M. Peschl answers “in 80 to 90% of cases: no”. Why? Markus Peschl identifies 3 reasons. You can read the interview in German here. Image: Seb Creativo at Unsplash

New cooperation between theLivingCore and gkk dialog

In the future, theLivingCore’s knowledge and innovation architects will work together with the full-service dialogue agency gkk dialog in the areas of innovation and future-oriented organizational design. The common goal is to bundle the respective expertise and services in order to develop innovations with and for customers. Rapid technological and social developments show that the…

How novelty comes into the world

In an interview with Uschi Sorz, Markus Peschl spoke about working environments that facilitate innovation. Enabling Spaces are particularly important for this: “They should help people to encounter novelty in their thought processes and bring about innovation.” © Wiener Zeitung – Supplement “Future”, November 9, 2018 Image: Jill hHeyer at Unsplash

Thomas Fundneider on offices that create meaning

“Teals” celebrate success especially in their workplace. In “Die Presse”, Thomas Fundneider explains how this trend could affect office landscapes in the future. After all: “Every epoch has its own work philosophy, and from this philosophy the appropriate organizational structures are derived”. The article (in German) can be found here. © Die Presse, November 8,…