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Can pluralist approaches to computational cognitive modeling of human needs and values save our democracies?

In the following paper, Markus Peschl and his colleagues tackled the issue of data control, privacy. They suggest that essential developments such as the European GDPR should be accompanied by major technological changes such as Cognitive Personal Assistant Systems to assist people to effectively govern their personal data on the WWW. Peschl, M.F. (2018). Shifting…

Unlearning towards an uncertain future

Many approaches in the field of unlearning intend to understand the “what” and/or “how” of unlearning. In contrast, Markus Peschl suggests focusing on the “where-to” and the goal of unlearning. In all too many cases, unlearning starts with a distinct result in mind. But such an approach must be challenged in the context of a…

When epistemological uncertainty act as driving forces

The aim of this paper is to analyze relational uncertainty (i.e. the subjective feeling of uncertainty regarding social interactions) and epistemological uncertainty (i.e. the subjective feeling of uncertainty about the content, process, or outcome of a task) as well as their interrelations and development over time in collaborative learning processes. Hartner-Tiefenthaler, M., K. Rötzer, G….

Rethinking forms of collaboration

Peschl, M.F. (2018). Rethinking forms of collaboration for creating sustainable innovation and novelty for a thriving future. In E. Bolisani et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 19th European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM 2018), pp. 685–692. University of Padova. Padova, IT. Image: Phad Pichetbovornkul at Unsplash

Future-oriented innovation

We have contributed a new publication on future-oriented innovation: “How affordances and potentials can teach us how to learn from the future as it emerges” (2017) In W. Hofkirchner and M. Burgin (Eds.), The future information society. Social and technological problems, pp. 223–240. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing. If you find yourself interested, you can order…