[[ Corona-Trost kuratiert von theLivingCore ]]

We are currently experiencing a time of crises, uncertainty, despair, and fear. We are confronted with stories on different media channels, listen to experts and podcasts hoping to find answers to questions that go far beyond what can be known at the moment. It is all too human (and neuro-biologically hard-wired) that we are longing for certitude and predictability; even more so in a period in which we are exposed to extreme uncertainty and unpredictability.  

We are convinced, however, that we should not be waiting or hoping for ready-made answers or solutions, what to do, how the world will look like in a few months; rather, we invite all of us to engage actively in sense-making and co-creating a meaningful and desired future.

In this spirit, we publish a curated digest of articles, stories, and insights, which we want to share with you on a daily basis; we consider them valuable with respect to inspiring you to engage in co-creating a desirable future. These posts are usually moving and emerging from an inner voice, sometimes (intellectually) challenging, often meaningful, other times inspiring—however, hopefully insightful, consolatory, and contributing to a desirable future.

Invitation to our virtual #theLivingCoreCoronaConsolation dialogue space

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to co-create a desired future after Corona. Learning from mistakes of previous historic events (e.g., the fall of the Berlin Wall), we need to engage now how we would like to live and work in the future. For this, we are convinced, we need to talk to each other and have meaningful conversations.

We make a first step and invite you to our daily “virtual #theLivingCoreCoronaConsolation dialogue space” — for each episode we will provide a hosted virtual space. Usually at 10 am CET, the day after the article has been published — our hosts are welcoming you to join the open dialogue.

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Image: Brian-Mcgowan at Unsplash