Design and Innovation as Co‐creating and Co‐becoming with the Future

In a new article Markus Peschl characterizes the challenges of the 21st century. We live in an increasingly complex world in which we are confronted with overwhelming ambiguities and sometimes pervasive uncertainty. We have yet to learn to live in such a place. Embedded in this environment, we cannot simply fall back on tried and trusted solutions and approaches to deliver truly radical innovations. These approaches often draw on a preconceived idea of what needs to be innovated. But to be deeply innovative, according to Peschl, one must embrace the uncertainty implied by the future. In order to design radical innovations, he insists, one must “learn from the future as it emerges”.

Peschl, M.F. (2019). Design and innovation as co‐creating and co‐becoming with the future. Design Management Journal 14(1), 4–14.

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Image by Kyle Glenn at Unsplash