Online Intensive Course “Innovation Leaders” for Hernstein

In our VUCA world, innovation has become the decisive factor for economic success. This challenge calls for leaders who are capable of creating a work environment that is conducive to innovation.

But how do tomorrow’s “innovation leaders” have to lead? How can they equip themselves for a future, which they cannot know? What are the necessary leadership mindsets, abilities, and practices? And how can these leaders inspire their co-workers in an appreciative and motivational manner to co-shape their organization’s future?

Against the background of the latest insights from the cognitive and neurosciences and through inspirational case studies, Carina Rohrbach invited participants of the workshop to discuss the above questions. In a highly interactive setting, participants from different organizations could discuss insights and develop practical approaches for their specific leadership challenges.

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18 November 2020, online workshop

Image: Stefan Gessert at Unsplash