ReThinking Management



This book presents multi-disciplinary contributions that guide you in rethinking management. It assembles foundational considerations and inspirations, provides connections to the arts and creative sectors, and brings you empirical research and case reflections. While questioning the status quo and practices of conventional management, the book opens you up for new understanding, turns, and perspectives.

Our contribution deals with the question of how we need to manage in times of uncertainty and opportunity.

Today, besides classical tasks, such as planning or controlling, modern management has to cope with a hyper-complex world. We believe it is not sufficient to just adapt to changes in the market and environment. Managers need to engage in actively creating novelty, new knowledge, and innovations. They need to proactively design and shape internal (organizational) and external (market) niches.

It is necessary to shift from an attitude of managing and controlling to enabling innovation and knowledge creation to establish a future-oriented organization. This book will help you with just that.