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Creativity cannot be automatized

Innovation researcher Markus Peschl talks to “der Standard” about innovations in the logistics industry. When asked whether today’s working environments are suitable for producing radical innovations, M. Peschl answers “in 80 to 90% of cases: no”. Why? Markus Peschl identifies 3 reasons. You can read the interview in German here. Image: Seb Creativo at Unsplash

Innovation Challenges

Literature as well as our own experience provides ample evidence as to why innovation efforts are often not successful. A common cause lies in how we perceive and think. This common cause is known in cognitive science and neuroscience as the Predictive Mind Hypothesis: Our brain uses past experiences to predict and understand new ones. In order…

When epistemological uncertainty act as driving forces

The aim of this paper is to analyze relational uncertainty (i.e. the subjective feeling of uncertainty regarding social interactions) and epistemological uncertainty (i.e. the subjective feeling of uncertainty about the content, process, or outcome of a task) as well as their interrelations and development over time in collaborative learning processes. Hartner-Tiefenthaler, M., K. Rötzer, G….

Innovation strategies – part 1

Innovation is on everyone’s lips these days. However, the term is used in a rather inflationary way, or without much consideration. Literature on the topic provides various definitions and approaches. In order to clarify the broad concept of innovation and narrow it down to a consistent meaning, we provide a brief overview and summary of…

Useful Brand Experience Conference #ubx18

Innovation actionism and creativity marathons are not enough to make companies sustainable. How can we not only respond to change but also shape the future (“shaping a thriving future”)? Carina has addressed this question at #ubx18, first in a thought-provoking and inspiring lecture “How does the new come into the world?” and then with 40…