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Loving life and living beings

Contribution to the special edition of die Presse on the subject of “Biophilic Design” – Thomas Fundneider in an interview: The “deeply rooted human need to be in nature” is becoming increasingly easier to realize professionally. Further reading (German)… Image: Maia Habegger at Unsplash

New Design University – Lunchtime Lectures

At the invitation of the New Design University, Thomas Fundneider used numerous project examples to make the topic “Spaces as enablers for innovation and knowledge processes” tangible: How do spaces have to be designed to support innovation? How much influence does the architectural space have here? Aren’t other spaces – cultural, social, technological spaces –…

Future workplace

In their book contribution “The office as a catalyst for knowledge and innovation processes” (“Büro als Treiber von Wissens- und Innovationsprozessen”) Markus Peschl and Thomas Fundneider show how innovation, knowledge, organization and space / office are connected. The authors describe how holistic organizational and spatial concepts can be developed for the workplace of the future….