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Great offices that last forever

Interview with managing director Thomas Fundneider about trends in the working world and sustainable offices. Way more interesting than the question of what is changing is the question of what remains the same: “The modern company building could be similar to a monastery. Soleness, silence, the proximity to nature, semi-public spaces such as the cloister…

Future workplace

In their book contribution “The office as a catalyst for knowledge and innovation processes” (“Büro als Treiber von Wissens- und Innovationsprozessen”) Markus Peschl and Thomas Fundneider show how innovation, knowledge, organization and space / office are connected. The authors describe how holistic organizational and spatial concepts can be developed for the workplace of the future….

Design Thinking Summit

For the first Design Thinking Summit in Austria, Carina designed a workshop on “Designing Innovation” and held two spontaneous dialogue sessions on “Communicating the future as it emerges”. Together with her participants, she addressed the question of how we can talk about “what is not there yet”. She demonstrated practical methods and stressed the importance…