The role of radical organizational responsiveness in a complex (digital) world

Markus Peschl and Thomas Fundneider contributed a chapter to the anthology “Complex Organization: Digitization as the Driving Force of a Changing Working World” (Fritz & Tomaschek 2020, title translated), in which they answer the question of how organizations can deal with the complexity of the digitized (working) world.

Digital technologies have brought with them a high degree of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (“VUCA”) (see Bennett & Lemoine 2014). It is therefore crucial for individuals, for society and especially for organizations to have the capacity to deal with these dynamics of uncertainty. The particular challenge here is no longer to “solve problems”, but to ask the right, relevant questions, set the appropriate framework and finally create radically new, distinctive (digital) niches. In this paper we show that these challenges are becoming more and more relevant as the fundamental changes brought about by digitization are far from over.

You can find the book here.

Fritz, Judith, and Nino Tomaschek, eds. Komplexe Organisation: Digitalisierung als Triebkraft einer veränderten Arbeitswelt. Waxmann Verlag, 2019.

Image:  Taylor Vick at Unspash