Theory U and Emergent Innovation

One of the great challenges in the field of innovation is to create something radically novel, but at the same time something that people where “waiting” for, although nobody could have made this expectation explicit. In this chapter, Markus Peschl and Thomas Fundneider present an alternative approach to innovation: “Emergent Innovation” – a socio-epistemological innovation technology that enables radically new knowledge and innovations while putting people’s still intangible expectations and needs center stage. In its basic setup, it builds on Otto Scharmer’s “Theory U”.

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Peschl, Markus F. and Thomas Fundneider. “Theory U and Emergent Innovation: Presencing as a Method of Bringing Forth Profoundly New Knowledge and Realities.” In Perspectives on Theory U: Insights from the Field, ed. Olen Gunnlaugson, Charles Baron and Mario Cayer, 207-233 (2014)

Image: Adrien Converse at Unsplash