Why a systems thinking perspective on cognition matters for innovation and knowledge creation

Together with Thomas Grisold, Markus Peschl argued that systems thinking perspective can explain why it is hard for us to anticipate the world under conditions of uncertainty. Our brain extrapolates its predictions of the future from past experiences. It, therefore, avoids novelty. This phenomenon can be well explained by systems thinking – and they further argue that in order to enable radically new knowledge, one can modify the knowledge structures that subtend our perception of the world.

Grisold, T. and M.F. Peschl (2017). Why a systems thinking perspective on cognition matters for innovation and knowledge creation. A framework towards leaving behind our projections from the past for creating new futures. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 34(3), 335-353. | DOI: 10.1002/sres.2456

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Image by Matthieu Joannon at Unsplash