Workplace 2020 – Five Theses for the Time after COVID-19

Interview in Die Presse with Thomas Fundneider about the effects of the pandemic on the time after Corona:

Thomas Fundneider, innovation and strategy consultant as well as chief executive of theLivingCore, also knows about the ambivalent relationship of people to their workplaces: “In the past months, you could observe two waves in the social and other media. At first, everyone thought it was great that they could now work from home and save themselves commuting and traveling. But then the longing for the office grew.”

The consultant also attributes this to the fact that working from home this year started off “with full canisters of social capital” – in other words, against a background of knowing colleagues and superiors personally, knowing where to get help, who had what sense of humor and who tended not to have any at all. “However, such a canister empties over time and then, of course, has to be refilled,” he explains. [translated from German into English by theLivingCore]

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Photo by Branimir Balogović.