we enable desired futures

theLivingCore 是一家组织设计和创新合作伙伴,共同发展蓬勃向上的组织——将战略、创新、空间和文化融于一体。

[[ Corona-Consolation curated by theLivingCore ]]

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a desired future after Corona. This is the purpose of #theLivingCoreCoronaConsolation, by which we will publish curated articles, in order to provide insights, inspirations and knowledge for co-creating desired futures. Moreover, we are hosting the daily virtual “#theLivingCoreCoronaConsolation dialogue space” for discussing aspects, questions and comments related to the main theme of each episode (usually at 10am CET).

Check our homebase for daily updates and join the open conversations:
[[ Corona-Consolation curated by theLivingCore ]]

[[ Corona-Consolation curated by theLivingCore ]]


leap Innovation and New office mit Burda Poland (https://www.burda.com/)
Strategische Positionierung Wüstenrot Innovation mit theLivingCore (https://www.wuestenrot.at/)
Ausbildungsprogramm für die Wiener Stadtwerke (https://www.wienerstadtwerke.at/)
Neupositionierung Life Cycle Tower und Entwicklung Rhine Valley (https://www.rhomberg.com/)
Konzept und Umsetzung Merck Innovationszentrum (https://www.merckgroup.com/)
Transformation interne IT (https://www.hoerbiger.com/)
Strategic partner for transforming HB Reavis (https://hbreavis.com/)
Analyse und Umsetzungskatalog für die Fertigung der Zukunft bei Fronius (https://www.fronius.com/)
Standortentwicklung für Freudenberg am Industriepark Weinheim (https://www.freudenberg.com/)
Caritas Projekt (http://www.caritas.at)
Standortentwicklung Wien Mitte (https://www.die-elisabethinen.at/)
Umsetzungsplan für die amag Academy