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leaply – Enabling Innovation App

leaply – Enabling Innovation App

APA SCIENCE – Editor of Innovating Innovation

APA SCIENCE – Editor of Innovating Innovation

HOERBIGER – IT as Business Enabler

HOERBIGER – IT as Business Enabler

T-Systems Innovation Ecosystem

T-Systems Innovation Ecosystem

Approach and Mindset

Opening up and enabling new spaces of meaning

Executives around the globe recognize that classic management concepts such as strategy consulting, marketing, creation or linear organizational development are quick to hit their limits. They only deliver good results within a pre-existing context. As soon as the occasion calls for a move out of familiar spaces and into the new, these tools can no longer point the way, since they solidify existing boundaries rather than overcome them. 

Our task is to work closely with organizations to open new spaces of meaning in order to identify and enhance the hidden innovative value therein. The main difference in process lies in the change of work patterns: we deliberately aim to bring about the emergence of the new.

The following concepts play a central role in our approach:

Sensing and deep understanding
1. Sensing and deep understanding
Learning from the future as it emerges
2. Learning from the future as it emerges
3. Emergence
4. Enabling
Co-creating meaningful and desired realities
5. Co-creating meaningful and desired realities
Cultivating latent potentials
6. Cultivating latent potentials
Radical openness
7. Radical openness

About us

we enable innovation

theLivingCore develops agile, sustainable organizations. We create spaces of innovation through orientation and sense-making in a rapidly changing world.

theLivingCore offers services in a diverse field of activity: from innovation, strategy, organizational design, and staff development, all the way to architecture. Future-minded innovation can only come out of a deep understanding of a field and its potentials.

As knowledge and innovation architects, we at theLivingCore take responsibility for the entire innovation process, from scientific research to concept design, right up to the implementation of necessary changes.

In recent years, based on the latest research findings, we have developed, planned and successfully implemented some of the most innovative pioneering projects.

About us

leap Innovation

leap | A strategic innovation method you can rely on

“leap” is a proven strategic method that enables organizations to systematically bring about innovation. What is special about this approach is that it aims to trigger radical innovation that organically fits into the existing organization.

The name leap™ – in other words, a big step – stands for the intention of a radical and yet sustainable process that takes organizations to a higher level of development in their future viability. It makes no difference whether the process involves a new product, a new business model, a new service, or the new structure of an organization. What’s more, the leap method enables an innovation team to continue the development process autonomously within the organization; staff members are trained as multipliers.

The leap innovation method is based on the Emergent Innovation® approach developed by Prof. M. Peschl and T. Fundneider and modeled after C.O. Scharmer’s Theory U (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The method follows a clearly structured process, so even radical innovation is no longer a matter of luck, but is systematically generated.

The leap process takes several months and is organized in a series of workshops. It passes through four to eight steps of development, depending on the chosen scale. The innovation team is coached by theLivingCore between the workshops, in order to maintain the depth and consistency of development.

Leap Innovation

Enabling Spaces

Enabling Spaces | A robust and proven model for designing creative work and living spaces

Why is space so crucial for knowledge society? Current research in the cognitive sciences has shown that thinking and perception are strongly influenced by the surrounding environment. Space helps us to be productive and creative, promotes quality of life and triggers emotions.

Spaces that are specially designed for such purposes are what we call “Enabling Spaces.” They support the generation and emergence of the (radically) new. We understand “space” not only in the architectural sense, but also in terms of its social, cognitive, emotional, cultural, organizational and technological dimensions. For example, while an office is certainly a physical place, it is also a “space of meaning” in which the identity of the organization manifests itself and connects the past with the future.

Our Enabling Spaces approach is based on this expanded understanding of space. The challenge consists in seeing the various mentioned aspects not as isolated factors, but integrating them into a functioning whole.

The Enabling Space Design process is based on the Enabling Spaces® concept developed by theLivingCore, which has already been used successfully in plenty of applications across various industries at an international level. Realized projects range from office design to the design of innovation centers and the development of creative urban structures.

Enabling Spaces


Offers, services and benefits

The beginning makes the difference that makes the difference. As knowledge and innovation architects, we tackle our tasks with deep understanding and a design-oriented approach from the start. Our portfolio includes the following services as described in the chart, which can also be booked individually. Despite the variety of solutions, the focus of our work in all areas is innovation, space and change.



  • Research and innovation studies
  • Identifying and exploring emerging fields
  • Ad-hoc research
  • Ethnographic research


  • Visualizing innovation concepts
  • Prototyping
  • User experience design
  • Brand and communication design


  • Emergent innovation training
  • HR for innovation
  • Curriculum and corporate academy design


  • Innovation Journeys
  • Designing and organizing innovation summits
  • Moderating innovation events
Strategy and  Organizational Design

Strategy and Organizational Design

  • Eco-systems for innovation
  • Creating a culture of innovation    
  • Readiness for innovation and change    
  • Designing ambidextrous organizations    
  • Strategic governance systems


  • Identifying strategic innovation fields 
  • leap innovation technology
  • Designing and implementing innovation systems
  • Designing start-up and greenfield eco-systems


  • Enabling Spaces
  • Designing and realizing creative work environments
  • Office design
  • Designing and realizing innovation hubs, IT labs and R&D centers
  • Creative urban structures


  • Virtual innovation platforms
  • Blended innovation systems
  • ICT as enabler for innovation


Papers & Talks


theLivingCore is headquartered in Vienna and has an office in Frankfurt

The team consists of three founders, with a total of ten people. The founders:


Thomas Fundneider

Thomas Fundneider


is founder and Managing Director of theLivingCore and has acquired extensive management knowledge by being responsible for numerous major projects. Trained as a landscape architect and holder of an MBA (general management), he focuses on the crucial details that often make the difference for the whole. Thomas Fundneider can draw on a wealth of experience as manager of a number of multi-stakeholder projects. His introduction of innovative, entrepreneurial working and thinking to organizations has made a lasting impact on his clients. He is a board member of PDMA Austria as well as Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science, and lectures at several European universities.

Markus Peschl

Markus Peschl


is Professor of Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna. His research is driven by the question as to how the new comes into the world, and focuses on the interdisciplinary areas of innovation, knowledge, cognition and the design of so-called “Enabling Spaces,” i.e. spaces for the generation of new knowledge. He is a founder of theLivingCore, where he serves as chief scientific officer; in this capacity, he brings leading-edge research directly to our clients and has many years of international experience in consulting projects. Markus Peschl has published more than 120 articles and six books.

Andreas Kulick

Andreas Kulick


is Managing Director of theLivingCore and designs strategic and organizational architectures for business development and innovation. He is a trained banking business administrator, but also completed extracurricular studies at the Berlin University of Arts. For 20 years, Andreas Kulick has worked as a manager for innovation and change projects in industry and consulting. In working with executives, investors, business-internal and -external start-ups, he successfully puts this experience to good use. He is also a board member of PDMA Germany and a member of the World Future Society.


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