theLivingCore will support you on the way as we follow through with you co-creating your future. Our work focuses on Innovation & Strategy, Space, Design, Communication & Change.

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Approach and areas of expertise

theLivingCore develops living and
thriving organizations

All of our projects start with posing the question “What is the difference that makes the difference for your organization?". This is why, as knowledge and innovation architects, we embark on all our projects by gaining a deep understanding of the organization, its people, its processes and spaces. By that we achieve an in-depth understanding of the status quo; and what is more, it also enables us to identify future potentials from within, so that profound change and emergent innovations can be brought about. We are following a “learning from the future, as it emerges” strategy – this is how we develop living, future-ready and thriving organizations and spaces.

We will support your entire development process, from scientific research to concept design and prototyping right through to implementation and communication of further developments.






We are interested in out-of-the-box ideas, deep-reaching conversations and challenging projects. If you like to get to know us, please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Thomas Fundneider

Founder and Managing Director (CEO)
+43 1 890 46 84

Thomas is a landscape architect and holds an MBA in General Management. His wealth of experience is rooted in highly diverse multi-stakeholder projects and his focus on the decisive details that often make the difference for the whole is extremely valuable for our clients. Thomas is a member of the Board of PDMA Austria and the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science; he teaches at several European universities.

Carina Rohrbach

Chief Experience and Engagement Officer
+43 664 886 671 14

Carina is an expert in designing and implementing change/communication processes. For several years, she worked in the automotive industry, where she has developed an award-winning training and education program. As an interpreter, speaker, and communication coach Carina's strength lies in working with (large) groups from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Carina has a background in cognitive science; in her research, she is primarily interested in how we can communicate novelty.

Markus F. Peschl

Founder and Chief Science Officer, Professor of Cognitive Science and Innovation (University of Vienna)

In his research, Markus is driven by the question as to how novelty and innovation come into the world. In his work, he brings together innovation, knowledge and cognition in an interdisciplinary manner. He specializes in Emergent Innovation and the design of spaces enabling knowledge creation (“Enabling Spaces”). In his capacity as Chief Science Officer, he brings leading-edge research directly to our clients. Markus has long-standing international experience in consulting projects; he has published more than 140 papers and 6 books.

Isabel Helf

Chief Design and Manufacturing Officer

Isabel studied “Fashion Artefact” at the University of Arts London. This pioneering, internationally renowned program for designers addresses the notion of how products influence and change the world. Isabel’s work combines multiple creative approaches from industrial design and fashion, with a focus on innovative materials and novel production processes. Her deep understanding of complex tasks enables her to design sophisticated products, visualizations, services and worlds of experiences for our clients.

Sarah Bimingstorfer

Chief Narrative and Branding Officer

Language shapes thought and produces new realities, which is why Sarah’s work is based on a deep understanding of a company’s history. She composes narratives for organizations in close collaboration with our clients to make processes of change and innovation easier to comprehend and implement. Trained in the fields of political advocacy, journalism and communication, her work combines strategic thinking and creative approaches. Sarah uses her insight into various living and working environments for the benefit of (change) processes based on storytelling and branding.

Gregor Zavcer

Digital Evangelist and Scout

Gregor has broad experience in marketing, web and business development. He has been an entrepreneur as well as a startup mentor and advisor since 2005. In his bachelor thesis he was already studying decentralized business models and has been active in the blockchain space since 2014. In his current research in the field of cognitive science Gregor focuses on experience research/design and serious games design. At theLivingCore he leads our research teams in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship. He is a privacy advocate, believes in lifelong learning and tries to practice stoicism.

Katharina Rötzer

Head of Ethnographical Studies and Research Wizard

Katharina has a background in art, design, sociology and cognitive sciences, and many years of experience working at the interface between economy and science. Her focus of research is on novel learning technologies. Katharina’s multidisciplinary background enables her to combine design with insights from cognitive science and social sciences methodology (e.g., ethnography). She uses her sound scientific approach to give potential fields of innovation a concrete shape. As a team leader for our scientific studies, she coordinates interdisciplinary research programs and groups.

Andreas Kulick

Andreas was a bank manager by training and completed a program of general studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin. For over 20 years, he managed large innovation and change projects in industrial and consulting settings. In his work he successfully used his experience with corporate executives and investors. Andreas was a member of the Board of PDMA Germany and a member of the World Future Society.

Andreas unexpectedly passed away on February 19, 2017.