theLivingCore will support you on the way as we follow through with you co-creating your future.


leap Innovation Technology

Learning from the Future

What is leap?

leap® is a tested strategic innovation method enabling organizations to ”learn from the future” and to systematically generate radical innovations. Moreover, leap trains employees to make them viable for the future.

Why leap?

New things do not emerge from standardized routine processes. Radical innovation needs space for strategic breaks, for times when new perspectives may open up, where future potentials can be explored and profoundly novel ideas can take shape.

How does leap work?

Depending on the scope selected, the leap innovation process is structured in 4 to 8 phases, organized in the form of workshops. Between these workshops, the innovation team is coached by theLivingCore (”innovation coaching”).

Enabling Spaces

Smart Spaces for Working and Learning

What are Enabling Spaces?

The Enabling Spaces design process® creates ”magical places” for organizations – offices, R&D centers, universities/schools, innovation centers, real estate developments, etc., where the past (history, origins) is transformed into a desirable future (vision, innovation). These places support and enable innovation and knowledge work in a holistic manner.

Why Enabling Spaces?

Spaces are important for organizations and the knowledge society – current research shows that we have to see space as an extension of and inspiration to our thoughts and actions. Space supports our productivity and creativity, fosters our quality of life and gives rise to emotions. theLivingCore designs spaces precisely for that purpose, calling them Enabling Spaces.

How do Enabling Spaces work?

Starting with an in-depth research process (status analysis), we co-operate with the client in developing a strategic core process model, describing the future potentials of the organization, thus strengthening it with lasting effect. In interdisciplinary workshops we shape holistic architectural settings as well as a future-fit organizational operating system. We assume responsibility and follow through with the process of making these aspirations materialize.


Leading from the Future

What is frame?

frame® enables managers to lead their organizations into the future with the necessary mindsets, methods and skills. frame is a structured training program that combines the daily practice of managers with the latest insights from the fields of cognitive science and neuroscience.

Why frame?

Cognitive science gives us the answer: our brain is primarily concerned with predicting an uncertain future. However, these predictions are to a large extent based on our past experiences. In order to be able to lead in a future-oriented way, we have to learn to overcome this so-called ”predictive mind”. This is the prerequisite for shaping future-ready organizations.

How does frame work?

Leaders acquire skills that no future-oriented company can do without: They become aware of their own ”predictive mind” (their patterns of perception, thinking and action). They learn to identify, question and transform organizational thought patterns that hinder change in their own company. frame managers develop a future-oriented mindset and effective leadership practices – and are thus in a position to confidently lead their employees and organization into the future.

Future Identity Transformation

Organizational Identity for a Digital World

What is Future Identity Transformation?

Future Identity is an integrative transformation process in the context of digitalization. It lends the core and purpose of an organization new meaning for a digital world. This new purpose has an extraordinary leverage effect both on the inside (in terms of organizational design, the mindset and practices of employees, as well as space and technology) and on the outside (regarding positioning the company, new services, products and business models).

Why Future Identity Transformation?

Digital technologies open up an entirely new order in the economy and society, which in most cases brings about a radical and disruptive change. Companies in all industries must seek and find a response to these changes in order to stay future-proof. The trick is to not just react to changes, but to pro-actively shape the environment. Our Future Identity Transformation approach assumes that this includes not only technological aspects and changes, but puts the focus on organizational issues, people, and their (future) needs.

How does Future Identity Transformation work?

Based on a profound understanding of the core of the organization, we work with our client to develop a new, future-proof purpose. In the process, we respect the existing organization while simultaneously creating a new space of meaning for the digital world. On this basis we identify strategic fields in order to bring this new purpose to life through (change) projects, new offers and re-designed organizational building blocks.