Bene: New World of Work

Strategic repositioning, development of new products and services, building a culture of innovation

Transformation of a furniture manufacturer from producer of tables and chairs to a provider of new integrated settings for the world of work and learning. Development of a strategic framework for the next 5-7 years, to serve

(1) as a roadmap toward new products and services,
(2) as an instrument of communication,
(3) as an instrument of sales and analysis, and
(4) as a tool for strategically re-positioning the whole organization.

Building a corporate culture of innovation and training staff. Realization of product prototypes and radically new products emerging from the leap(™) innovation process, such as PIXEL.

Already over 100,000 pixels sold within 3 years (in German): “Bene has positioned itself as a full-range supplier for innovation and creativity-enhancing work settings alongside classic premium office furniture”. Design awards for PIXEL (in German): PIXEL im Preisregen.

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