Development of a multifunctional site for the elderly & future identity for Elisabethinen

Development of a master plan and new identity for an “integrated site for the elderly”, plus implementation (i) at the Franziskus hospital (II), design of an orientation system (iii) and creation of new offers at the premises of the Saint Elisabeth Order in Wien Mitte

The Franziskus hospital is adding new departments and thereby expanding medical care in Vienna’s third district. Strategic deliberations gave rise to a wish for novel identity and comprehensive planning that puts future users (elderly people) at the heart of the site, located in central Vienna. theLivingCore has developed a pioneering master plan to transform this 3-hectare site into a lively and unique location, which also stands the test of time in a digital world.

Starting with a deep understanding of the needs, fears and aspirations of future users (patients, visitors, staff, elderly people), theLivingCore defined strategic core processes for the site and integrated them into a comprehensive concept and new identity that takes into account the values of the Order of Saint Elisabeth, translating them into a digital world. Identity-shaping was to integrate social and medical processes for the elderly while incorporating innovative hospital approaches, supportive technologies and aspects of pioneering site development. In a second step, theLivingCore supported the client with the organizational and spatial implementation of the acute geriatric unit, palliative unit, nurses’ stations, and the central reception. To round off its comprehensive range of services, theLivingCore designed the orientation and way-finding system for the entire site.

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