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Loving life and living beings

Contribution to the special edition of die Presse on the subject of “Biophilic Design” – Thomas Fundneider in an interview: The “deeply rooted human need to be in nature” is becoming increasingly easier to realize professionally. Further reading (German)… Image: Maia Habegger at Unsplash

Innovation Challenges

Literature as well as our own experience provides ample evidence as to why innovation efforts are often not successful. A common cause lies in how we perceive and think. This common cause is known in cognitive science and neuroscience as the Predictive Mind Hypothesis: Our brain uses past experiences to predict and understand new ones. In order…

Thomas Fundneider on offices that create meaning

“Teals” celebrate success especially in their workplace. In “Die Presse”, Thomas Fundneider explains how this trend could affect office landscapes in the future. After all: “Every epoch has its own work philosophy, and from this philosophy the appropriate organizational structures are derived”. The article (in German) can be found here. © Die Presse, November 8,…

Useful Brand Experience Conference #ubx18

Innovation actionism and creativity marathons are not enough to make companies sustainable. How can we not only respond to change but also shape the future (“shaping a thriving future”)? Carina has addressed this question at #ubx18, first in a thought-provoking and inspiring lecture “How does the new come into the world?” and then with 40…

Real Estate Forum 2018

This year again, the Management Circle organized one of the most important meetings of the real estate industry in Austria. The advisory board invited Thomas Fundneider to deliver a keynote (“New Work – New workplaces for future-oriented companies”) on how modern working worlds can revolutionize the business location. Image: Etienne Beauregard Riverin at Unsplash

Learning Theatre – Workshop: How to bring innovation to your company

Why do some companies thrive on an innovative climate, while others underestimate the importance of re:creation in the business environment and thus lose competitiveness? The experts at Steelcase and theLivingCore have been working on this question for many years, working with forward-thinkers and leading companies to examine innovation drivers. In this interactive workshop, Thomas Fundneider…

Designing knowledge-intensive events

Lukas presented the Event.Cards we co-developed at the International Conference for Knowledge Management, ICKM 2016 in Vienna. A short introduction to the purpose and development approach of this innovative and interactive event planning “game” can be found in the following article: Designing Knowledge Intensive Events Image: Kyle Glenn at Unsplash

Designing Events

The first public presentation of the Event.Cards planning tool at A1 Event Space was a great success. Over 100 participants came and listened to the innovation story of the three inventors. Afterward, the participants were able to use the cards to design and plan their own events. By the way, you can order the card…