A Future-driven Value Creation Process for Real Estate Development

Design and implementation of a value creation process for newly acquired real estate properties for the third-largest real-estate developer in Europe (International)

The real estate industry is undergoing a radical transformation. The successful model of recent years – developing real estate projects on the basis of past experience – generates unmanageable risks. The level of complexity and unpredictability in technological disruptions (urban mobility, the role of artificial intelligence, etc.) and socio-technological developments (how will digitization change our work processes?) has risen considerably.

Against this backdrop of rapid change, theLivingCore has devised a value creation process for the third-largest real-estate developer in Europe; the value creation process will allow our client to develop real estate projects “from a future perspective” (future user needs, trends, innovation gaps, etc.).

The process aims at identifying future-driven potentials for innovation already during project planning and to make use of them as a core element. It thus enables the client to create properties that meet the needs of future societies and future ways of working. In collaboration with the client, theLivingCore has applied this process to several projects.

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