#novyofis: A New Office and Organizational Re-design for HB Reavis

Strategic development, design and realization of an innovation-driven work environment, implementation of a holistic transformation program

Point of departure for this project was the client’s need to accommodate for rapid growth and their organizational evolution: This was seen as an opportunity to blend the office move with a strategic re-design of their “organizational operating system”; a combination that should become the key innovation driver for the whole real estate industry for decades to come.

Based on the Enabling Spaces(™)  technology, theLivingCore developed HB Reavis’ strategic organizational operating system and further refined it in collaboration with the client. On this basis, theLivingCore designed a space concept and detailed space typologies that were translated into concrete architectural settings in collaboration with Gensler.

For two years, theLivingCore has been accompanying the change process that is transforming HB Reavis into the most innovative real estate developer in Europe: HB Reavis is a frontrunner in the field by understanding their business as “building as a service”, by “creating remarkable experiences for their users“, establishing their own coworking offer (HubHub), smart leases, as well as smart services.

Image Copyright: HB Reavis

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