Fronius: Proactively Shaping the Transformation of Manufacturing

Future-oriented production at Fronius: shaping change from a position of strength

The Austrian family business Fronius is a technology leader in the fields of welding technology, photovoltaics and battery-charging technology, and is known internationally for its innovative power. Production plays a significant role in the process of digitization, automation and planned growth for Fronius.

The joint project with theLivingCore was designed to future-proof and further develop production as a driver and enabler of the business areas. theLivingCore came up with an implementation plan for the further development of production at Fronius, based, among other things, on the following key questions:

  • What do changes in customer requirements and the market mean for future manufacturing?
  • How should production be organized to ensure growth for many years?
  • What is working well and should be reinforced? What is missing and needs to be developed?
  • How should we collaborate in the field of manufacturing in the future (roles, procedures, communication, processes etc.)?
  • What does sustainable production look like (attitude, practices, methods, technologies)?
  • How can this change be supported by spatial environments?

Fronius has integrated the results of this work with theLivingCore successfully into initiatives that were already underway (e.g. lean production, conversion/construction of production areas, cooperative manager development and restructuring of teams). Prototypes of the new interdisciplinary way of working were realized. The first successes of these measures are already visible.

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Photo by Lalit Kumar on Unsplash