CSR und neue Arbeitswelten



Today’s hypercomplex and fast-changing world makes us wonder: How can we understand changes and how can we deal with them in a sustainable manner? This book assembles different perspectives on the question and provides insight into new work-life models, emerging job areas, and a novel kind of leadership.

Thomas Fundneider and Markus Peschl contributed a chapter, in which they explore the question of what kind of organization (design) is necessary to thrive in tomorrow’s business ecosystems. Their central tenet is that any such organization would need to function as an Enabling Space that brings forth future-oriented, sustainable, thriving, and responsible innovations. Innovativeness, they claim, is at the heart of successful organizations; hence, innovation is no longer an abstract creative exercise, but a truly personal endeavor in which people are transformed on an existential level.

Find out how you or your organization can create an Enabling Space that supports future-oriented innovation and personal transformation!

The book is written in German, theLivingCore’s contribution is in English.