Designing the Future

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“This book aims to shed light on the phenomenon of innovation from many different perspectives. It brings together a variety of new approaches and seeks to give new impetus to the vital debate on innovation’s central role in society, the economy, and politics.

theLivingCore’s contribution tackles the challenge of how we can overcome our own cognitive limitations with regard to the future: instead of predicting the future based on our past experiences, the goal is to enable “thinking from the future as it emerges”.

The authors show why we are having such a hard time innovating from the future and why this inability leads to more-of-the-same innovations. However, they also give us a pointer as to how we can innovate differently, bringing together insights from Cognitive Science, Biology, Neuroscience, and Organization Research. If you want to understand how you can move from “managing innovation” to “enabling innovation”, this book is for you.

Language: English