What is the purpose of BBT-Group?

Development of an identity-shaping vision in a digital world and strategic positioning for the Germany-based Gruppe der Barmherzigen Brüder

With around 100 health and social care facilities, the BBT group is one of the largest Christian institutions supporting hospitals and social services in Germany. More than 11,000 employees work to the highest quality standards in the fields of palliative care, health care (hospitals), medical competence and supply centers, psychiatric services, services for the elderly, education services and general services (in the field of health care).

The historical origins and founding intentions of the BBT group are essential to the enterprise: under Peter Friedhofen, who founded the order, the Barmherzige Brüder von Maria-Hilf opened the first hospital in Koblenz in 1852 and laid the foundation for the current enterprise with their message of lived compassion and charity.

In the context of its expansion and special historical background, the BBT group commissioned theLivingCore strategy consulting to develop an identity-shaping vision and concrete implementation recommendations based on that strategic direction.

The results of the work done by theLivingCore have clarified the purpose of the BBT group. They are the basis for the BBT group’s further development as a unique provider with a clear and formative proposition (purpose, USP, digital identity) in an increasingly digital environment.

On the basis of our Future Identity approach we realized an inside-out strategy process which, from the core of the organization, connects the history and identity of the organization with its future. theLivingCore identified and developed 15 strategic fields of action based on 7 identity-shaping core intentions, which were then integrated in the strategy implementation.

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