The Viennese Café

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What’s the potential of the future café? This book is about rethinking the café as a cultural and social melting pot. It is the result of an applied research project, for which more than twenty concepts have been developed and prototyped in design labs.

In their contribution, Markus Peschl und Thomas Fundneider ask the question of how the café can be a place for encountering novelty, and what is the very essence of it. It is for sure not the “Kleiner Brauner” or the “Sachertorte”… the café can be conceived of as an otherworldly environment, which is at the same time a place for being-in-the-world. It invites dialogue and leisure, facilitates mind wandering, and opens up the mind for novelty.

What are the necessary constraints for novelty? And how can we create a lively café-like atmosphere in places like the office? Open the book and discover the answers to these questions… and much more. Or look for Markus Peschl in one of the traditional Viennese cafés – chances are you will find him soon!

The book is bilingual, English and German.