Rhomberg Bau: Rhine Valley – Incubator of the Future

Transformation of the Lifecycle Tower into an “innovation accelerator” for the Rhine-region

With the Lifecycle Tower in Dornbirn, Rhomberg Bau has created a place that inspires people and their companies to go beyond their fields of specialization; a place that connects them, and invites them to share their knowledge.

After the successful initial phase, the client decided to reposition this special location for the future. theLivingCore designed an innovation process that would make it possible to develop a future-proof vision and a prototype in for collaboration with Rhomberg Bau and interested partners (Zumtobel, Zeiss, and others.).

Based on two workshops lasting several days, we devised the foundational design for a hub that will connect the drivers of innovation in the region, to allow interdisciplinary cooperation on projects and topics with relevance for the future. The hub will function as an incubator and support the development of a “Rhine Valley” in the long term.

Copyright Photo: Rhomberg

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