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frame Leadership Development

Future Transformation Leaders

What is frame?

frame is an inspiring leadership program that enables leaders to confidently lead the organization into the future. Participants will co-create and train leadership practices and tools that aim at making your organization thrive in the context of the challenges of the 21st century. 

Research and practical experience show that leadership programs that are designed to spice up classical management with creativity techniques or agile methods are not enough. If you want to enable leaders to successfully navigate your organization in today’s VUCA environment, you need to promote their development not only on the level of skills, but more importantly on the level of mindsets and attitudes; you have to build up what we call leadership capacities for the 21st century.

And that is precisely what frame is designed for: it aims at transforming leaders on a personal level, by shaping their mindset in a future-oriented way, and it empowers them to enact and operationalize impactful leadership practices and methods.

A carefully selected team will embark on this transformative journey together. In 3 months, they will identify the most promising areas for changes in leadership style, they will co-create and train innovative leadership practices and prepare the organization for implementation and transformation.

Why choose frame?

In order to thrive in the 21st century, organizations need brave leaders who make it a priority to think about their organization’s future and bring it to life in the present. In order to do this, leaders need to acquire skills and attitudes that go far beyond classical management skills. 

The kind of leaders that we have in mind – future transformation leaders – know how to deal with uncertainty and unpredictability in a future-oriented, co-creative and sustainable way. This means e.g. being able to identify and transform mental models and beliefs that stand in the way of transformation, sensing emergent topics, which might become relevant for the organization and utilizing their potentials, thinking in a future-oriented manner, designing impactful change initiatives and engaging people to participate. These skills and attitudes are usually not taught at universities or in MBAs, and cannot be learned “on the go” in week-end seminars. 

That is why we’ve created frame. For frame, we are bringing together state-of-the-art research with hands-on experience from various projects: participants of this program will benefit from a blend of cutting-edge scientific insights from Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, delivered in an inspiring way and ready to be translated into leadership action. They will work with carefully selected and inspiring case studies. And they will be supported in developing and implementing leadership practices and tools, which will take your organization to the next level.

Want to get a taste of frame?

We offer a hands-on workshop (frame Spotlight) for you and your team to dip into the topic and get inspired by innovative leadership practices. frame Spotlight also works as a springboard for the comprehensive frame program (frame Adventure).

6 Hours


get inspired

  • Understanding “leading from the future”
  • Learning from innovative leadership practices
  • Identifying promising areas for implementing new leadership practices
  • Exploring your organization’s and leaders’ future-readiness
  • Inspiring and encouraging
3 Months


future leaders

  • Building up leadership capacities for the 21st century
  • Developing and prototyping impactful leadership practices and tools
  • Preparing your organization for necessary changes
  • Activating enablers for change
  • Empowering and transformative

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