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Future Identity

Transforming organizational identity for a digital world

What is Future Identity?

Future Identity is an integrative identity transformation process. It helps your organization develop and express its purpose, tailored to the challenges of the digital world. Articulating your digital purpose has an extraordinary leverage effect both on the inside and the outside of your organization. 

It affects your employees’ mindsets and practices, your working spaces, and the technologies you use. It helps you develop new offers, services, and products that aim at creating new markets. It will also position your organization with a unique value proposition for the digital world.

During this transformation process, we ask questions, such as:

  • What is your core business today? What is the very purpose and the value you create with your company today?
  • What will your organization and your future-proof business model look like in the digital future, after a successful transformation?
  • What will remain the same, what will have to change, and what are the future potentials of your company?
  • To what extent, and in which direction is your company able and willing to change?
  • What does that mean for managers and employees in your company?

Based on a profound understanding of the core of your organization, we will work with you to develop a coherent, future-ready purpose. In this process, we respect the existing organization’s identity, while co-creating new spaces of meaning for the digital world. Based on these results, we identify strategic fields to bring this new purpose to life through transformation projects, new offers, working on your employees’ mindsets and skills, and redesigned organizational building blocks.

Why choose Future Identity?

Digital technologies create entirely new logic and order in our economy and society, which in many cases brings about radical and disruptive change. Companies in all industries need to respond to these changes to survive on the market in the long term. The trick is to not just react to changes but to proactively shape their environment.

Our Future Identity transformation approach focuses on organizational issues, people, and their future needs and aspirations. Your company is a complex living system with a vast number of processes, activities, and complex interactions. Profound digital transformation affects almost every area of your organization. Because of that, it is necessary to not only consider each of these fields individually, but to transform them in an integrated and coherent manner, leading to a future-ready purpose.

3 Months

Future Identity

getting your positioning right

  • Analyzing the status-quo and your organization´s heritage
  • Uncovering the unconscious
  • Anticipating shifts, identifying potentials and future purpose
  • Integrating heritage and future into a coherent strategy
  • Positioning your organization for the digital future
1-3 years

Future Identity

getting transformation right

  • Analyzing the status-quo and your organization´s heritage
  • Integrating heritage and future into a coherent strategy
  • Designing and positioning your organization’s fit for the future
  • Planning the transformation process and governance structures
  • Accompanying your organization in realizing the new positioning

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