Tomaselli Gabriel: Innovation Office B12

Integrated organizational development and planning of a new work environment for Tomaselli Gabriel Bau

Tomaselli Gabriel Bau is a family business rich in tradition and with the core competence of a general contractor.

The aim of this project was to merge two existing company offices and place them in a new location. As well as providing “more space”, the move was supposed to exploit the potential for future-oriented working.

Based on interviews and observations, theLivingCore developed future core processes in collaboration with Tomaselli Gabriel Bau (from “production space” to “knowledge space”). The core processes laid the foundation for a future-proof layout for the new office building, as well as operational procedures and principles, and new working routines.

The whole project was driven by close collaboration of theLivingCore with the client, the company’s team leaders and architects (rainer+ammann): Involving the team leaders and architects already in the strategic design of the office planning process was considered fundamental to self-directed change management. Thus, theLivingCore laid down the foundation for an efficient and user-oriented development of the client’s new work environment.

Image Copyright: Tomaselli Gabriel Bau

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